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On Influence without Authority

Earning trust is like burning calories. An hour on a treadmill to dissipate 500, and about one cookie to get it all back! Trust is likewise hard to earn but easily lost.

Think of trust like a currency; there’s only so much you would have. Avoid using your hard-earned trust to convince others — Use convincing arguments instead, earning more trust in the process rather than depleting it!

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Truly Learning from Experience

Thinking of the lessons you have learned from an experience? Make sure to answer the following question as you prepare this list:

If you would have had these “lessons learned” from the beginning, though not the knowledge of the time ahead, what do you think would have gone differently and why?

Anything not mapping to the delta is not a lesson coming from the said experience. If the delta is less than what you had hoped for, you either are missing some true lessons still, or merely wishing that you had done better in a situation where you couldn’t have.

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Inspiration Session at my School, Aug. 19, 2017

Pleasure to visit my school to inspire/guide current high school students. Glad that they could connect well with my own experiences through the school and found the session useful. 🙂 We talked about everything from how to develop new hobbies to how I had gone from being a below-average student during middle school to near top by the time I finished high school back in 1994.

{Originally posted on LinkedIn.}

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