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The Future is Behind Us!

In English, future is ahead of us. In Aymara, it is behind us!

That is a better system actually, since we can see the past ahead of us, but not the future behind. We use the past to take limited guesses on what the future may hold.

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At Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women

Pleasure to have delivered a lecture at Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences For Women. This is a government-funded college to prepare women for professional and STEM fields. Some 150 students attended, plus around 6-7 professors. 🙂

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The Art Status

Whether you are learning to build software, play music, or paint, the first thousands of hours go into the tools/work.

You’ll make mistakes, have “A-ha” moments, outperform your own expectations, as well as fail.

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To learn to write well, read a lot too!

“Toddlers learn to speak not only by practicing speaking but also by listening. It isn’t very different for others: To learn to write well, read a lot too!”

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The Octopus Hands Approach

Whenever you want something really important to you, or have a goal that you strongly connect to, you use all in your will to chase it. You use more hands than you got, somehow (hence the name octopus hands [1]), not leave any hole open for lapses or failure. When you find it not going well, your prey (a metaphor for goal) should find you’ve got yet another hand it has to deal with and that hand is coming with a full force too.

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