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Interview by Qeemle

High competition has made education focus more on securing employment, has reduced interests to choosing professions, constrained learning to predefined syllabuses, and turned careers into ‘jobs’. How should young students looking forward to their lives discover the true nature of the choices ahead, and establish themselves in the society and economy? How should they even retain their true selves amidst the waves of rising expectations, the realities of life surfacing, while potentially also facing unforeseen challenges behind the scenes?

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Note from a Mentee (SC)

Hi {Alok},

{…} I loved our meeting! …

I was confused for a long time in the past, especially because I wished to make the switch from aerospace to ML. A big portion of the world {…} want to use my aerospace degree as a weakness…. {…}! But when you talked about the octopus approach {…}, it gave me a lot of clarity. Very few people have actually told me {…} that fundamentals matter more, no matter in what context we get it! {…} I realized that there are many things to be done whether I am inside or outside {…} So I have to play the long game, even if {…}

You mentioned that certain problems have been bothering you for some time now. I wish they go away. Hope things go back to where they should be, {…}

It was a joyful experience talking to you. It’s rare to come across such highly accomplished, yet so humble, people. {…} June 20, 2019….I will remember it for a long time.

Thank you {…} for everything. You changed my life….hope to see you soon in future. Also, looking forward to your session on “optimization for innovation”….😄


(shared with his consent)

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