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Understanding Self-Reliance

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, recently made a call for a Self-Reliant India. Right from the time, social media has been flooded with messages. Many have directly mapped the vision to using only domestic products and services (“Made in India”). Some have even considered self-reliance at individual levels, asking how may they be less dependent on even the domestic or local markets. These thoughts are not surprising given that the COVID pandemic has made many people introspect on things they took for granted earlier.

In this article, I’ll build on what self-reliance truly means. I’ll assert that “Made in India” can rather lead us to a less strong economic development that what could be.

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Growth Hacking by Sukriti

This is out of the box innovation by Meeta Rana 🙂.

Sukriti Bodycare most likely can’t afford professional ads or models as yet. So Meeta just requested people in her circles to participate in this thing. People send their photos, her designers create the ad posters. The respective people spread in their social circles.

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