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The Future is Behind Us!

In English, future is ahead of us. In Aymara, it is behind us!

That is a better system actually, since we can see the past ahead of us, but not the future behind. We use the past to take limited guesses on what the future may hold.

It ain’t much different from walking backwards. We thereby sometimes miss seeing obstacles, topple over, …

If we deviate from the norms, we have higher chances of failures as we would know less of what’s behind. And we may also reach places not discovered before.

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Gender Equality in Communication and Language

Men surely often do. Even women often use “him” when the gender of subject is not known. Through the ages women seem to have accepted these norms whether they like it or not. A customer or an engineer becomes a “him” by default. A receptionist, an assistant, a teacher becomes “her”. “Air Host” is barely even a word [1-5].

I used to regret this as a flaw in the English language [6] (albeit there are efforts for solving [7-8]). Now I feel that this weakness of the language is a constant reminder of a much bigger problem in the society! We have a long way to go before gender neutrality is achieved [9].

Let’s start using the pronouns right. An easy way is to use gender-neutral plural pronouns (they, them …) instead of singular ones (her, him, …).

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