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Training on Product-Market Fit

It’s a pleasure to have delivered a half-day training session to potential/budding Principal Engineers across Amazon India. We talked about how to work backwards from the customers to define, crystallize and articulate new business opportunities.

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Note from a Mentee (SC)

Hi {Alok},

{…} I loved our meeting! …

I was confused for a long time in the past, especially because I wished to make the switch from aerospace to ML. A big portion of the world {…} want to use my aerospace degree as a weakness…. {…}! But when you talked about the octopus approach {…}, it gave me a lot of clarity. Very few people have actually told me {…} that fundamentals matter more, no matter in what context we get it! {…} I realized that there are many things to be done whether I am inside or outside {…} So I have to play the long game, even if {…}

You mentioned that certain problems have been bothering you for some time now. I wish they go away. Hope things go back to where they should be, {…}

It was a joyful experience talking to you. It’s rare to come across such highly accomplished, yet so humble, people. {…} June 20, 2019….I will remember it for a long time.

Thank you {…} for everything. You changed my life….hope to see you soon in future. Also, looking forward to your session on “optimization for innovation”….😄


(shared with his consent)

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Note from a Mentee (RJ)

Alok Govil #Kudos I really appreciate the guidance you provide me with #AmazingMentor

Alok has a lion’s share in galvanizing my interest in Natural Language Processing. I am a person who dabbles in many fields, and was doing the same in AI, but Alok brought to my attention that NLP is a field with many unsolved problems. Alok’s pedagogy skills are unmatched. Going through his NLP slide broadened my horizons in ways reading two reference books couldn’t. Not forgetting to mention that he has been kind enough to patiently answer all the questions which I had in my mind when I started learning NLP. I would go so far as to say that he’s a prodigal genius since he tried to build a prototype compiler even before he turned 14, in a time and age when 32kb RAM was a big deal to have. Alok’s knowledge base across the entire hardware to software stack is astounding, to say the least, right from the low level CMOS design to user facing software, he loves to have his fingers in every pie. For me, he’s a priceless mentor and a devoted teacher. Hoping to have many stimulating discussions with him in the future.


Rohit Jain [via his LinkedIn Post]

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