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Growing in an Organization

Excelling at a job and career requires thinking in terms business and organization in addition to functional competencies like engineering skills. Following is advice focused on organizational aspects for people early in their careers trained in their respective functional areas.

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Training on Product-Market Fit

It’s a pleasure to have delivered a half-day training session to potential/budding Principal Engineers across Amazon India. We talked about how to work backwards from the customers to define, crystallize and articulate new business opportunities.

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Amazon CTPS India Hackathon 2019

It is a pleasure to conclude Amazon CTPS India 2019 Hackathon. Running from Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad and more, an overwhelming 146 ideas were received, 27 teams presented demos before the judges, and 4 teams were rewarded.

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On Influence without Authority

Earning trust is like burning calories. An hour on a treadmill to dissipate 500, and about one cookie to get it all back! Trust is likewise hard to earn but easily lost.

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