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High competition has made education focus more on securing employment, has reduced interests to choosing professions, constrained learning to predefined syllabuses, and turned careers into ‘jobs’. How should young students looking forward to their lives discover the true nature of the choices ahead, and establish themselves in the society and economy? How should they even retain their true selves amidst the waves of rising expectations, the realities of life surfacing, while potentially also facing unforeseen challenges behind the scenes?

Qeemle, a student-run online magazine, aims to bridge the gaps by gathering insights from leading professionals for the students to help recognize and develop their passions, and motivate them to use their ideas to challenge the norms and bring positive changes to the world.

Pleasure to participate in the effort via Kanika Gupta by sharing my learning and experiences for interests and career in technology and the growing landscape of Artificial Intelligence.

Alok Govil this is one of the best interview articles I have read.As an engineer, too inspired and really would like to go down on such a path :). Thank you. …

Abhisar Mohapatra [Via LinkedIn]

I was reading your article on AI could augment our intelligence. This is my first time reading your article and I loved it. … Amazing journey you have described. …

Fredy (Fred) Behsania

… Loved the interview. Kudos!

Sourabh Upadhyay [Via LinkedIn]

… So nice and inspiring. I will share this with both my kids. …

Manish Kothari (via WhatsApp)

Read the interview below:

AI Could Augment Human Intelligence [PDF; Cached]

Original link [Broken]:

Excerpts from the interview:

  • “… as a child not knowing anything about computer science fundamentals or the theory of languages, I imagined compiling English to machine code …”
  • “Electricity too would have been advanced at some point in time, yet most use it today even without a good understanding of what it really is.”
  • “I joined the British Council Library and used to park myself before randomly selected bookshelves, reading whatever books were in front of me.”
  • “You have a choice between looking dumb by asking a naïve question, and remaining weaker by not asking! And anyways, naïve-looking questions are often not actually naïve.”
  • “The fears of AI taking human jobs aside, AI could augment our intelligence in the same way in which cars and airplanes have enabled us to do things our bodies could not have.”

Thanks Kanika for interviewing. I did not realize that you were doing this for the first time. You did a great job!

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