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Computer Vision Basics in Microsoft Excel

Employees talk to Computer Vision

In this very unique and fun work, we’ll learn Computer Vision from very basics using sample algorithms implemented within Microsoft Excel, using plain-old Excel formulas! We use a surprise trick that helps us demonstrate and visualize algorithms like Face Detection, Convolutional Neuron, etc., within Excel. No external libraries, no scripts, no plugins are used.

After having delivered lectures based on these Excel files seven times so far, including at two colleges, we are open sourcing these under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), courtesy of Amazon.

That was a very unique talk, great that you are sharing it to a wider audience!

István Fehérvári, PhD, Sr. Machine Learning Scientist

Detailed instructions, along with the Excel files, are available here:

Hacker News discussion:

Addendum (Feb. 23, 2020)

Thanks everyone for an overwhelming response on the social media (Hacker News, Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al). Collectively, the work has seen (as of writing):

  • 44,291 views from 29,314 unique visitors (Github)
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  • 144 comments (Hacker News, LinkedIn, Twitter)
GithubTwitterHacker NewsLinkedIn
29,314 unique visitors
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24 comments92 comments28 comments
~690 profile visits
Peak spot: #3
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the front page

Finally, at least one person has pirated the work already: h***s://


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