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Interview by Qeemle

High competition has made education focus more on securing employment, has reduced interests to choosing professions, constrained learning to predefined syllabuses, and turned careers into ‘jobs’. How should young students looking forward to their lives discover the true nature of the choices ahead, and establish themselves in the society and economy? How should they even retain their true selves amidst the waves of rising expectations, the realities of life surfacing, while potentially also facing unforeseen challenges behind the scenes?

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The Art Status

Whether you are learning to build software, play music, or paint, the first thousands of hours go into the tools/work.

You’ll make mistakes, have “A-ha” moments, outperform your own expectations, as well as fail.

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Inspiration Session at my School, Aug. 19, 2017

Inspiration session at my school (Aug 19, 2017)

Pleasure to visit Gyan Mandir Public School to inspire/guide current high school students. Glad that they could connect well with my own experiences through the school and found the session useful. 🙂 We talked about everything from how to develop new hobbies to how I had gone from being a below-average student during middle school to near top by the time I finished high school back in 1994.

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