“Toddlers learn to speak not only by practicing speaking but also by listening. It isn’t very different for others: To learn to write well, read a lot too!”

“I recommend taking your reading beyond your professional areas of interest to capture writing styles from across the board.”

[A thought I shared in Advanced Writing Course I delivered at Amazon. Thanks to Dipika Mukim for organizing.]

It’s in the power of the human mind that is still not understood by scientists:

  • A language is not taught. It is magically picked up by toddlers and others. The teachers just guide and supply the needed corrections.
  • The same thing applies to grammar. Grammar books are barely complete in their coverage of the rules. Yet, we subconsciously know a much larger number of them.
  • Likewise, someone taking a writing session can only be a guide. Reading is the true teacher. Plus, writing practice (with a good feedback mechanism) helps move towards perfection.

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