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The Octopus Hands Approach

Blue Ringed Octopus Marine

Whenever you want something really important to you, or have a goal that you strongly connect to, you use all in your will to chase it. You use more hands than you got, somehow (hence the name octopus hands [1]), not leave any hole open for lapses or failure. When you find it not going well, your prey (a metaphor for goal) should find you’ve got yet another hand it has to deal with and that hand is coming with a full force too.

I use this to explain to people why they shouldn’t pick one strategy over another if they could pick both!

This is not to suggest that your dream will necessarily come true in the end. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the almighty nature will prove to be bigger!

A harder part for some is figuring ‘what’ you want to do. Knowing thyself. 🙂

[1] This is just a metaphor I created. 🙂

Cover Photo: Pixabay

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