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Kolmogorov Complexity and Our Search for Meaning

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A thought-provoking exploration of the link between our search for meaning and a theorem from the mathematics of patterns:

This would perhaps be of little interest to most of the readers, but does seem to point to something deep about the nature of our lives, the laws of nature, and mathematics. While I wasn’t misaligned with the link drawn before, I had certainly not articulated it this way to myself or others.

The article, while complete in itself, does leave space open to build on the top of it. There’s much more to talk about life and nature after all, lots of meaningful patterns in both which are interesting, surprising, and confounding in themselves, even if the search for simpler patterns, a truer understanding, is guaranteed to never end.

Aside: Coincidentally, the article begins with questions that I deeply connect to. I indeed had “that strange dream last night” that picked something deep from my unconscious! 🙂

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