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Neural Networks at DDU College

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Here’re a few photos from a session Purav Aggarwal and I took at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College on Neural Networks in February. In the four hour workshop, we introduced the topic to the students (about 60 of them, from 1st/2nd/3rd years, various streams) from scratch.

Whereas the professor had asked to explain the industry specifics, we insisted on making students understand the fundamentals. We took pains to make all students understand the concepts; answered every question with simplicity.

The students were learning, were highly engaged, asking every question they had, so we knew it was going great for them.

And the claps that we got at the end said it all. These were loud, full of energy, centered on a true appreciation of what was accomplished. 🙂

A feedback snippet:

Workshop was a big success. … I was hoping that we would be taught what we are taught in classes but it was a way better. …

Mr. Alok and Mr. Purav were very humble and very friendly. … they gave their best to reach each and every student present in workshop and tried to develop our intrest for …

Also workshop didnt get boring at any point. … Would love to attend these kind of workshops again in future.

A student

That clap at the end has stayed with me. We not only succeeded in making the students understand the fundamentals, we inspired many to pursue the topic further, we likely influenced the career paths of some.

Industry specifics will come to them by itself sooner or later. What we did will have a longer impact on how they handle those specifics through the years. 🙂

Cover Photo: Pixabay

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