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Understanding Self-Reliance

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, recently made a call for a Self-Reliant India. Right from the time, social media has been flooded with messages. Many have directly mapped the vision to using only domestic products and services (“Made in India”). Some have even considered self-reliance at individual levels, asking how may they be less dependent on even the domestic or local markets. These thoughts are not surprising given that the COVID pandemic has made many people introspect on things they took for granted earlier.

In this article, I’ll build on what self-reliance truly means. I’ll assert that “Made in India” can rather lead us to a less strong economic development that what could be.

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Man Businessmen Woman

Growing in an Organization

Excelling at a job and career requires thinking in terms business and organization in addition to functional competencies like engineering skills. Following is advice focused on organizational aspects for people early in their careers trained in their respective functional areas.

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"Gem leaves"

Photography Portfolio

Below are the best photos I have ever clicked. All are being made available under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

The photos can also be downloaded from my new Flickr page.

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Interview by Qeemle

High competition has made education focus more on securing employment, has reduced interests to choosing professions, constrained learning to predefined syllabuses, and turned careers into ‘jobs’. How should young students looking forward to their lives discover the true nature of the choices ahead, and establish themselves in the society and economy? How should they even retain their true selves amidst the waves of rising expectations, the realities of life surfacing, while potentially also facing unforeseen challenges behind the scenes?

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Computer Vision Basics in Microsoft Excel

In this very unique and fun work, we’ll learn Computer Vision from very basics using sample algorithms implemented within Microsoft Excel, using plain-old Excel formulas! We use a surprise trick that helps us demonstrate and visualize algorithms like Face Detection, Convolutional Neuron, etc., within Excel. No external libraries, no scripts, no plugins are used.

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