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Note from a Mentee (SC)


Hi {Alok},

{…} I loved our meeting! …

I was confused for a long time in the past, especially because I wished to make the switch from aerospace to ML. A big portion of the world {…} want to use my aerospace degree as a weakness…. {…}! But when you talked about the octopus approach {…}, it gave me a lot of clarity. Very few people have actually told me {…} that fundamentals matter more, no matter in what context we get it! {…} I realized that there are many things to be done whether I am inside or outside {…} So I have to play the long game, even if {…}

You mentioned that certain problems have been bothering you for some time now. I wish they go away. Hope things go back to where they should be, {…}

It was a joyful experience talking to you. It’s rare to come across such highly accomplished, yet so humble, people. {…} June 20, 2019….I will remember it for a long time.

Thank you {…} for everything. You changed my life….hope to see you soon in future. Also, looking forward to your session on “optimization for innovation”….😄


(shared with his consent)

Thanks Sandipan for the nice words and wishes. I feel touched, and glad that I could help!

Yes. #Fundamentals matter more!


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