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Growth Hacking by Sukriti

Sukriti Body Care Products

This is out of the box innovation by Meeta Rana 🙂.

Sukriti Bodycare most likely can’t afford professional ads or models as yet. So Meeta just requested people in her circles to participate in this thing. People send their photos, her designers create the ad posters. The respective people spread in their social circles.

Sukriti gets advertising. These alleged models 😎🥳 get, I don’t know, a boost from their Facebook Likes 🙂 … [1].

A win-win! Looking at the brand’s Facebook page, Sukriti has some 50 models spreading in their social circles.

This also connects well to the relatively recent trend of using real life people as models in ad campaigns [2-4].


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  4. Gap’s Latest Ad Campaign Ditches Models For Real People To Celebrate Diversity

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