Alok is a Principal Engineer at Amazon focusing on Artificial Intelligence for reading scanned documents. He was previously a part of Amazon Alexa team working on Question-Answering Artificial Intelligence.Before joining Amazon, he has worked at Qualcomm, Philips Research and other places where he solved several hard problems.

He is a “full-stack technologist” with breadth and depth in many computer science and electronics disciplines including software, hardware and complete systems. His specific expertise lies in Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, computer vision, circuit design, electronic displays, MEMS and systems engineering.

He has authored eight technical papers including two book chapters, and holds 42 US patents + 38 pending applications. He is recipient of a Gold Medal for being amongst top 25 students in India in National Standard Examination in Physics, 1994.

As his long-term goal, he would like to understand how the human mind works before he dies.